What would it be worth to you to develop a winning foundation for reaching success in every area of your life and be achieving your goals within the next 12 months? How would you like to be in the top 5% in the world who are committed to achieving success both personally and professionally while maintaining balance in your life?

"I reached my goal (never reached before) of 30 new clients a month even before the program was over! Collections were the highest they've ever been this month. The leads are coming in; the pipeline is filling, even though that was not my main focus! I'm in a better headspace - not so overwhelmed with what to do. I've learned that I have a 'manager' I can tap into and depend on anytime. I get so much enjoyment out of doing the stuff that is inspired. Things are happening all over the place without the effort I thought I needed. I really, really appreciate your awesome, 'yahoo' and 10+ style of coaching. I would also like to thank you again, Eva, for following your bliss and guiding me through the process that allows alignment with my own Inner Being, resulting in the highest highs I've ever experienced!" ~M. Reyes

What I have learned is that most folks really want a good life full of good things and good experiences. And most folks spend a lot of time wishing and hoping for that good life. But they don’t know how to achieve it. They don’t understand why they are getting what they are getting.

successWhat I teach is the underlying understanding for getting what you want in life and the importance of getting into action – inspired action – joyful action. That’s the name of the game. Once you understand the rules of the game, you can take stock of where you are now, identify where you want to be, and create the steps to get you there.

Having worked with individual clients for several years now, helping them create beliefs and habits that support them in successfully achieving their goals, I really wanted a way to reach more people.

From that desire, the Leading Edge Living One Year Success Programwas born.

“We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life.” ~ Jim Rohn

Most folks are left wanting in certain areas of their lives, whether it be around money, career, relationships, health, time, personal development, environment, etc. (Successful people take action in these areas for continued growth and development.)

I have personally used the processes and principles in this program to successfully sell a software company, create a thriving coaching business, publish two books and host my own radio show. Now I want to show you how to achieve YOUR dreams and goals – step-by-step – over the next 12 months.

What is the Leading Edge Living
One Year Success Program?

The Leading Edge Living One-Year Success Program is a comprehensive weekly program for reaching your goals within 12 months. Here you get the benefit of having a full support system on a weekly basis along with the tools, training, follow-up, accountability and the energy of a group all working towards the same thing. The program is broken down into lessons with exercises and actions to be taken weekly. There will be suggested reading and listening material, emails, and cyber-coaching along with weekly calls each month.

Do you remember the dreams you had when you were young? You know the ones I mean, when nothing was impossible and you knew that dreams come true, that you could sail around the world alone, climb Mount Everest, be the greatest actor the world has ever seen, win the Victoria Cross, or be  one half of a magical love story. You still have those dreams, but maybe you just don’t know how to make them come true anymore, so you put away ‘childish ‘ things, and got on with real life.

Have I got news for you!  Would you like to have someone to guide you towards what you really, really want?  The longest journey begins with the first step as the old Chinese proverb says, so take the first step and you will be amazed at where your journey takes you.

What first step? Easy. Join Eva Gregory and spend a year with a group of like minded people journeying towards their hearts’ desires.  Eva’s weekly sessions are a joy to be part of, full of wisdom and laughter. She gives you the tools to feel your way towards your goals, and if you are stuck she will help you move onwards. Your fellow travelers will share their own experiences and be there for you whenever you need them.

Often all you need to achieve the impossible is someone to be accountable to.  You deserve this experience, so don’t pass it by.  You have nothing to lose and a life to gain.

I know I’d do it all over again and it’s not even finished yet!

Anne Robertson
Queensland, Australia

What’s Included?

  • Imagining your “Future Perfect Scene” identifying, listing and affirming your goals for the next 12 months
  • Exercises, processes and strategies for attaining your goals
  • Support of your Success Partner(s) and the mastermind energy of the group.
  • Creating your plan as a simple clear visualization – developing it as your one-page business plan
  • Discovering the vocation that is your purpose, within your one-page plan
  • Moving from struggle to success; overcoming problems and obstacles
  • Learning how to find creative solutions
  • The power of partnership – in every relationship
  • Learning to love change
  • Discovering your core beliefs and learning how to change them
  • Growing at your own pace while achieving your goals through the architecture of abundance
  • The power of embracing the spiritual side of life
  • The power of having a visionary business – not just to make money for yourself or your family, but to have a positive impact on your employees, community, customer and the world – to transform the world by doing what you love to do!
  • Special expert guests over the 12-month period.
  • All calls recorded and saved so you can go back and listen again anytime over the course of the program

What Will I Gain?
  • A life of integrity
  • A life lived from your values
  • A life with clear boundaries
  • A life of high standards
  • A life free of tolerations
  • A life of meaningful relationships
  • A life of balance
  • A life of less stress
  • A life with more time for the things that are important to you
  • A life of work that fulfills you
  • A life where your needs are met
  • A life of extreme self-care
  • A life of health and well-being
  • A life lived from choice
  • A life lived from Inner Wisdom
  • A life by design

Free EARLY BIRD Bonuses!
Join the program before June 15, and along with the discounted program fee, you'll be sent 4 of Eva's books as a special Free EARLY BIRD bonus. There are not E-books! They are paperback books you'll be sent via postal service.

The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity The Power of Mentorship - The Law of Attraction Pearls of Wisdom...
A Second Strand
101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

How Does It Work?

This 12-month group coaching success program is a journey of exploration and discovery of you and your personal growth & development as you attain results and reach your goals.

  • You participate by telephone (teleclass) from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • The program lasts for 12 months.
  • There are four live calls per month.
  • Class calls last 1 hour. During these calls, you will be given the lesson and focus for that week and then there’ll be time for questions and answers, check-ins, updates, coaching and group support that you may need.
  • Between teleclasses, you’ll be checking in with your Mastermind Partner(s) for tracking and accountability
  • You’ll also be receiving activities and structures to support you in attaining your goals.
  • There is great synergy and energy on the calls and on email between sessions from your group where you’ll share your wins and challenges, acknowledgment, support and expertise with each other as a Mastermind.
  • As your coach, I’m always available by email to celebrate your wins, share feedback and offer coaching and inspiration along the way.

When Does It Start?

NEW program begins Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST.

What’s My Investment?

If you paid my hourly rate for personal coaching over a 12-month period, you would pay over $10,000.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY this Year Long Program is available for about cost of a latté a day. Only $119 per month (regularly $225 per month) when you register for the new program that begins July 11, 2007 by June 15th!


To receive a program application, please fill in the information below. Space is limited. Special offer ends soon!

As my personal thank you and congratulations, you also get these four extra

E-book version of the #1 best selling book with practical tools for learning how to have a job you enjoy, whether you are looking to make a career change or want a promotion or want to increase your job skills. This book will help you understand how to do your work with less effort. - $14.99 Value

A 52-week collection of insightful quotes, questions and secrets to inspire and support you in your journey toward a life of joy and ease - the Work Yourself Happy way! - $14.99 Value

– by Nina East
A 16-page booklet directed toward managers and leaders of corporations, non-profits and small businesses. - $12.95 Value

Simple techniques for achieving extraordinary success as an independent business owner. - $19.95 Value


To receive a program application, please fill in the information below. Space is limited. Special offer ends soon!

Consider This

Why go after your dreams and aspirations? Why reach for what you want to be, do and have?

I say, "why not"? The fact that you have desires is the indicator you have the ability to achieve them. Why wouldn’t you go for it? Do you think there are only a special few that deserve to have what they want in life? If others deserve it, then why not you? You are as deserving as the next person. Having what you want in life is your birthright! You just need to decide you want it and be willing to go after it.

So why not now? What could be a better time to start than right now? You could choose to continue doing the same things you’ve always done and I guarantee you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten. The opportunities are out there now. Why not be the one to go after them now?

Sign up NOW and experience a whole new way of living!

I really believe you have nothing to lose by joining this program. The positive effects from this program will not only benefit you, but those around you, as you become a ripple effect on others.

In this One Year Success Program, you have the opportunity to participate along with a group of other like-minded people to support you in your goals. You’ll have a step-by-step plan for the year and ongoing coaching to keep you on track. You are not in this alone!

It's not too late to join me in making 2007 your best year yet!

As Nike says...

Yours in abundance and support,

Eva Gregory, PhD, CPCC

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P.S. Remember, if you sign up for the course now, you only pay $119 per month. You can pay by debit or credit card and of course, it makes a great investment for your future, your new year, your life! And it’s probably tax-deductible (check with your CPA). It’s a small monthly investment for such a life-changing new experience that will have you creating what you want over the next 12 months.

P.P.S. Together, we can make your vision your reality!

The program begins Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST
. Using the principles, materials, wisdom and knowledge I have learned and share in this program has worked for me, it has worked for others and it can work for you too. It's up to you to decide what you want for yourself and then just do it. I invite you to join me and let's make it happen. If you are ready to make a difference in your life, beginning NOW, you can - and for a short time only - for the cost of a latté a day...only $119 a month. Plus you'll receive the four extra bonuses. However, this offer is good FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Be sure to register today and get a kickstart on making 2007 your best year ever!

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